1st Pennsylvania Reserves, Co. D


From our new drummer . . . 9/2016
Greeting Captain Bob and the 1st Pennsylvania Reserves.
This is Jack. I just wanted to give a big thank you to you all! You all made me feel so special, and very welcome to your Conestoga reenactment. I had a very exciting time experiencing what it feels like to shoot a rifle, and of course playing the drums for you all. The day seemed to end so quickly because of all the fun I had with you guys. I will check your webpage for upcoming events, and hopefully I will be able to show up again. Again, thank you all for making me feel so special and very welcome. I plan on seeing you all again soon! I will see you all on the battlefield!

-From, Drummer Boy Jack
                                                      From the Wulf's at Gettysburg

Dear Capt Bob & Co. D:

Here’s just a quick note to thank you for the truly wonderful experience that Roy and I had this past weekend at the Gettysburg event.

I have just been reflecting on how much there was to it. It was not just one thing but many things.

Obviously, this was a real learning experience for Roy and for me. It was an opportunity to experience history. There was the period clothing and uniforms, learning how to march and drill in the style of that era, the music, the dance on Saturday night, a poem from that era, and even a wonderful open-air church service. 

For a 4th of July weekend event, there could hardly be anything more meaningful and patriotic. Of course, it was not only a learning experience but also a chance to teach others. For the crowd watching the reenactment and those who walked through the camp, we were bringing history to those people also. 

Yet, in addition to all of that, there was also camping, cookouts (with excellent food!), and socializing with all the great people in the unit. You’re a great group! I was grateful for all you did to assist us in getting up to speed. Our preparations for the weekend were done on such a short deadline that I felt about 65% ready to go, but everyone helped us out, and it turned out fine. It will be less of a worry in the future that we know the drill (as in marching as well as in having our act together generally).

So, in conclusion, I hope you all had a great Independence Day yesterday, and Roy and I send you our appreciation. We will certainly look to participate again!

Best wishes,

Doug & Family

And from a family . . .

Capt. Bob,

 Wishing you and your family a wonderful and Merry Christmas as well.

 Thank you so very much for having us. We are really looking forward to the meeting and the 2014 season to come!

 John, Michelle & Maddy

Thanks from the new folks (and some "old folks")

It was a nice experience the fellowship with our guys and the others. The food was great and the manor very nice. I only wish I started (reenacting) a lot sooner than I did. But, better late than never. Hope to see you in February.
A Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Your Faithful private,


My boss asked me this morning, and I told him to work me when he needs me I think I'm gonna work 6 days for a week or 2 witch is fine bc I need money, but I'm really bumed I really look forward to going with the company to events

Private M.E.


 I really enjoyed myself at Cedar Creek and I really liked the folks I met that weekend so I would like to come out with you all again if you will have me.

Thanks so much,


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