1st Pennsylvania Reserves, Co. D


                   Please Consider Joining this distinguished fighting unit!

     Gentlemen and ladies:  Now is the time!  As never before, we are in need of new folks to join our ranks.  All of the 150th anniversary events have begun or are even over. But there are still lots of events yet to come.  We've had a great increase in new members but we can ALWAYS use more folks.   We need privates mostly, but if you want to be a civilian, drummer boy, chaplain, undertaker, surgeon, nurse, or any other reasonable personality, we can use you.  This is a family hobby- wives and children have a place here too.   If you like history and camping, this hobby is for you!  We sleep under the stars and cook over a fire.  We drill, shoot rebs, march, play cards and horseshoes, and generally have a grand time whenever we're in the field. 

 If you're serious about this hobby, a cheap start-up uniform package costs under $200 (see the resources page for a linked site).  The gun is the worst of it - currently @ $699.00 for an Enfield musket.  If you go to the resources page, you can find a cheaper gun on a link to one of our suppliers.  Other items can be purchased as your wallet allows, but nothing costs more than the musket.  As compared to other hobbies, like golf, this is a rather inexpensive hobby. 

          So, if you would like to get more information (and there's lots available), please go to the contact page.  Don't be shy - we're all very friendly.

Your humble servant,

Capt. R. VanderPlate

Commanding Co. D, 1st Pa. Res. (30th PVI)

                               MUSICIANS         MUSICIANS         MUSICIANS

We are in need of MUSICIANS that can play the fife, drum, or bugle (trumpet).  We can also use folks that play the guitar, banjo, or even violin!  If you've ever seen the Civil War series by Ken Burns, you might remember the episode that features the story of Sullivan Ballou and the reading of his letter.  In the background is the music "Ashokin Farewell" played by a violin and guitar.  It's moving!  We do a living history scenario much like this and we really need LIVE music for it.  We also need folks to be music for the brigade - to help us with cadence and dress parades.  The benefits package is great and the pay enormous :) !  If you have talent, we could sure use you.  We have a drum and a bugle and we can certainly get a fife easily enough.  Please consider joining us for a worthy cause.

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