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Lebanon - Union Canal Park (N. 25th St)

Posted by Robert VanderPlate on August 29, 2016 at 1:45 PM

Submitted by Capt. V.

    This was a great event, as usual.  It was hot, but not like Bull Run.  We had the same camp site as last year and some nice shade.  Friday, when we arrived, we were told that there was a burn ban and we could't have fires!  Well, there went supper!  So we campaigned it . . . and went to Wendy's!  Nice cool night to sleep.  Beautiful morning, but got warm quickly.  We had "colors" at 9, and a tactical battle at 10:30.  The tactical was great.  We were detached from the main body and sent around to the right in an attempt to flank the rebs.  It was perfectly timed!  When we finally found them, they thought they had the best of us by being on the high ground - next to the canal.  All it did was to trap them (unless they wanted to go swiming!).  Co. D ended up charging up the slop of the canal through some very dense undergrowth and ended up in their rear.  With the main body in their front, and us in the rear, they had only one thing to do - surrender! (or die)  What a blast!  And poor Lt. Herbster found himself stuck up to his ankles in mud trying to get up that stinking embankment (a real trooper!).  We all ended up spending much of the rest of the morning picking "boogy lice" off our uniforms!

    At lunch time, we ended up have what we would have dad for supper - beef pie and Martha Washington's boiled fish recipe!  That fish was awsome - produced the chef Kyle Sabol.  We're doin' that one again!  The afternoon battle was . . . . . zzzzzzzzzz.  Should have stayed in camp and gotten a nap.  But you know, it's really not the spectator battles that we go to this event for.  It's more the tacticals and camp life - as well as the interaction with the spectators.   

   Moving on to the next battle on Sunday, we ended up with only 3 muskets, so we were thown in with the dismounted cavalry and went out as skirmishers.  That was moderately fun (and hot).  Ultimately we won the battle and left a lot of rebs lying dead on the field.  So they won day one, and we day two.  

    It was a nice weekend with games of  "kubb", scum, and "31", and good food and fellowship.  Oh, and VanderPlate's Vigilates won 2nd place in the triathalon and we received some turkey bacon and Lebanon bologna.  Congratulations Steve, Austin, Jonathan, and Kyle!  I'm proud of you! (we only missed 1st place by about 21 seconds)  So, folks, please plan on attending next year!

Your servant,

Capt. Bob V

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