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Robert Fulton Birthplace, June 23, 2018

Posted by Robert VanderPlate on July 3, 2018 at 11:55 AM

     For company D, this was a campaign event.  We portrayed infantry on the move and brought with us only what would be carried on the march and handed out rations consisting of hardtack and salt beef for the mens daily food.

    I need  to give a special shout out to Sgt. Thompson and Pvt. Yoder who actually marched 10 miles with full backpacks, haversacks, canteens, blanket roll and a 14 Lb. weapon to get to this event.  All while in full uniform including brogans.  Wow - talk about living the history.  I never thought they could do it.

    This was a small, local, living history event held at Robert Fultons birthplace complete with house, gardens and surrounding grounds.  They had the normal Yank & Reb encampments, a blacksmith, and about 10 reenactors portraying various generals who gave 1st person talks and answered questions, etc.  This type of event tends to be fairly farby which this one was, but overall, a decent event.  Did not seem to be very well attended by spectators, but it rained on and off during the day, so the weather may have kept people away.  We had an afternoon battle which was very small.  The 8 members of Co. D was the entire infantry.  the Rebs only had artillery, so they sent some guys out with rifles to act as infantry.  They also gave us a gun so we could have an artillery duel.  The battle only lasted about 20 minutes, but in spite of the small numbers, was actually a decent battle and I think we put on a good show.

    After the battle, due to lack of spectators in our camp, the boys went up to the main activity area where Pvt. Whitley got out his guitar.  They seemed to have a good time singing, visiting, and relaxing.

    The evening meal was provided by Pvt. Whitley who had pitched a tent in the main area and had a ham on a spit cooking all day.  It was a difficult choice which they liked better - the hardtack or ham, but all decided the ham was just a little bit better.  Go figure.

Respectfully submitted,

1Lt. R. Cornwell

Commanding Co. D

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