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Union Mills, 2017

Posted by Robert VanderPlate on July 19, 2017 at 11:00 AM

After Action report of Sgt. Kyle Sabol:

I arrived shortly after 1st Sgt Farmer (or this weekend, Private Farmer) and the Halton clan. Luckily for me, when I got there the Battalion was just finishing up drill. After briefly catching up with everyone, we reported to the 93rd PA under Captain Shirk who also had a few dismounted cavalry. We formed the company around 10:40 and we marched off to our position for battle. We were to defend a small “railroad bridge” from the Confederates who outnumbered us about 6 to 1. The 61st PA were on our far left flank preventing the Confederate cavalry from using the trails in the wood line to flank us. Of course, like most cavalry does, they used their horses to muscle through the union line. We advanced against some dismounted cav until 3 more companies of Confederate infantry appeared on the field. Out of nowhere, some New York boys joined the battle along the old fence line and slowed the extra Confederate forces for a little while. We were eventually driven back to the railroad bridge to make our last stand. The Confederate cavalry, (totally ignoring us), after volley after volley tied rope onto the bridge and drug it off, destroying it. There was about a 10 minute pause and our Drummer Boy Jack showed up! We reset the battlefield and prepared for another fight. Now, we were positioned along the fence line with the 61st to our left. We held our positions against outrageous odds. Our line slowly started to deteriorate from casualties. Private Halton attempted to make a run for it, but was shot by the 1st Sgt from the 61st. I attempted to run for cover as well, but was apprehended by the Major and forced back to the front lines. Jack, the brave lad that he is, went around to the dead and wounded and collected rounds for those still on the line. The fighting continued, until almost no union soldier was left. Major Monzi was hit and went down, seeing an opportunity, I took off, hoping to live to fight another day. As I passed the lifeless lump that used to be Private Halton, I looked back and saw Private Farmer limping off the field. I believe we were the only survivors. With the Union line utterly decimated a cease fire was called and companies reformed to clear weapons. We were dismissed and Company D rested under the shade of some trees to cool down. Once we were rested, we decided to go into Gettysburg for lunch and shopping since there was nothing else planned for the day. 1st Sgt Farmer decided to stay behind and toured the historic buildings at Union Mills. Heidi, myself and the Haltons drove into town and spent a few hours there going through several shops and of course, ending the day at Mr. G’s ice cream! Over all, it was an ok event, despite the low numbers on the Union side. The battle was alight, but it’s main saving grace is being so close to home. If we have better numbers next year, it might be worth doing again.

Respectfully submitted,

Sgt. K. Sabol

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