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Carroll County Farm Museum 2017

Posted by Robert VanderPlate on May 8, 2017 at 10:55 AM

      Well, another CCFM event under our belts, and what a time it was.  It was rainy, windy, cold, and more importantly, FUN!  In spite of the rather unpleasant weather, we had some really good fun.  Brian F. and myself were the only ones there Friday night, and we spent time talking around the campfire.  It was a reasonably nice evening, especially compared to the rest of the weekend.  Saturday morning arrived with the 1st Sgt. arriving just in time for dress parade - that made 3 of us for dress parade.  We "threw in" with the 93rd for the whole weekend (or they threw in with us), and we ended up with the largest unit there due to that.  As the moring wore on, more folks arrived and we ended up with about 7 in our ranks including officers.  With the inclusion of the 93rd, 1st company had about 13 in it.  The rains came that morning along with the newcomers, and the tactical battle that we always look forward to was cancelled.  So around 2 o'clock, we started the scripted battle for the spectators and the rain held off.  It was a bit better than the usual battle in that we added the "fort" to the scenario.  We had some good spectator turnout and they all seemed to enjoy  "the show".  We got back to camp and relaxed - played 'kubb' and cards, and at about 6 p.m. went for our chicken dinner.  I hope they continue to do that because it was fantastic.  After supper we gathered from the cold in my wall tent with my heater going and enjoyed a long game of '31'.  What a lot of fun.  We were all pretty tired and rapped things up around 9:30.  My hat's off to the Thompson's for braving the rain,wind and cold in a dog tent!  The next morning Kyle, Heidi, and their friend Andy showed up in time for dress parade.  The morning was nicer than Saturday and we thought we'd get in a tactical battle, but it was decided not to bother.  So we spent the morning making breakfast, staying warm by the fire, playing 'kubb', and doing some much needed drill.  So the battle started at 1:00 and we had 9 in our company plus 4 from the 93rd.  As scripted battles go, this one was great.  It actually ended up being a tactical - scripted battle and had a few unexpected engagements such as the capturing of one of our guns and a flank attack from some dismounted cavalry.  We were done by 1:45 and about out of rounds by then.  We marched back to camp and started packing up; they let us start driving in at 2:00 and it was all very smoothly done.  At about 3:30 I pulled out the gate and was home around 5.

As the CCFM event goes, this one was wet and lacked the usual tactical battle, but due to the rain, it couldn't be helped - it was raining very hard at noon.  Still, we made the best of it and had fun.  Our newest "fresh fish" had a great time as well and are looking forward to the next event.  I look forward to attending next year.


Capt. Bob VanderPlate

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